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Emo1313's LJ

23 September 1971
I was born in Atlanta, I live in Seattle now, been here for about 3 years, working in the computer industry to a degree. I had a stroke about 2 years ago an am still paralyzed, left side, left arm and leg... havent really kept up with my writting since well my last few posts in 05 on here, so im bumbling around and come across my lj still here for the most part, check out my photo blog over at http://igetbent.com, loads of hot chickas, then pile on over to the tumblr at http://igetbent.tumblr.com, make sure to check out all the gorgeous ladies that i follow. you wont regret it.

of course none of it is work safe, surf at yer own riskthey are safe security wise, you wont fnd sny malicious code, pop ups or things of that nature on any of my sites, or if your with your signifigabt-0other, bust out some lube and make yer own nekkid sexxy time, porn should be enjoyed by all, till its time t go make your own.
3d printed sculpture, 3explosions, 5th element, abandonned, abandonned structures, action figures, adahlia, adahlia diamante, adbandonned, adorable petite thing, alabaster complexion, alessandra torresani, alex grey, alex sim-wise, alien, alina, all breasts, all fours, all naturals, all tits, alt-girl, amazing landscapes, amazing landscapes waterfalls, amazing locations china, amazing nips, amazing rack, amazing storms, amazingchalk art, amazonian, amelia pond, ana karoline, andre m huenseler, angel, anti-religious, architecture, arctic, art, artistic, ass, asshole cat, astronomy, atheism, atheism., athiest, atmosphere, atom bomb, aurora, austin texas, autumn, awesome archetecture, awesome architecture, awesome eye makeup, awesome house, bacon, bacon log, bamboo, beach, bi, big boobs, bizarrchitecture, bizarrre, black metal, bob ross, bob ross happy brains, burning man, burningman, cabin, cadborosaurus, canopy walkway, cat, cats, cenote, china, chupacabra crypozology, clubs, cockpit, coding, conspiracy nutters, coronal mass ejection, corset, cosplay, crazy, crazy buildings, crazy house, crazy nazi-gnomes, crazy weather, creationism, creepy, critical thinking, cryptozology, cthulhu, cthulhu lovecraft dr. seuss, dalek girls, dark drum and bass, dark humor, day of the dead, de, de-motivational, de-motivational lolcat-clone, decorative, demotivational, demotivational posters, derelict, digital art, distractions, doctor who, dr seuss, dr.seuss, drugs, earth, ebm, electroclash, electronic music, electronica, electronics, emilie autumn, engrish funny signs, epic tree house, exterminate!, fire, fish tank, flamingos lego, fog, forest, goa, industrial music, love, medical fetish, music, nasa, privacy, psy-trance, psytrance, rage, sex, skeptical thinking, small breasts, solitude, speculums, synthpop, trace, women